Hawthornden Prize

britisk litteraturpris

Hawthornden Prize er en britisk litteraturpris som ble innstiftet i 1919 av Alice Warrender og har fått sitt navn etter William Drummond of Hawthornden. Sammen med James Tait Black Award som ble innstiftet samme år er Hawthornden prize en av Storbritannias eldste litterære priser. Det har blitt delt ut årlig siden 1919, med noen få oppehold.

Prisen deles ikke ut til noen spesiell kategori av litteratur. Den nåværende prisbeløpet er på £10 000.

Liste over prisvinnereRediger

Årstall Prisvinner Boktittel Norsk tittel
2011 Candia McWilliam What to Look for in Winter
2010 Alice Oswald A Sleepwalk on the Severn
2009 Patrick French The World Is What It Is
2008 Nicola Barker Darkmans
2007 M. J. Hyland Carry Me Down
2006 Alexander Masters Stuart: A Life Backwards
2005 Justin Cartwright The Promise of Happiness
2004 Jonathan Bate John Clare: A Biography
2003 William Fiennes The Snow Geese
2002 Eamon Duffy The Voices of Morebath: Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village
2001 Helen Simpson Hey Yeah Right Get a Life
2000 Michael Longley The Weather in Japan
1999 Antony Beevor Stalingrad Stalingrad
1998 Charles Nicholl Somebody Else: Arthur Rimbaud in Africa, 1880-91
1997 John Lanchester The Debt to Pleasure
1996 Hilary Mantel An Experiment in Love
1995 James Michie The Collected Poems
1994 Tim Pears In the Place of Fallen Leaves
1993 Andrew Barrow The Tap Dancer
1992 Ferdinand Mount Of Love and Asthma
1991 Claire Tomalin The Invisible Woman: The Story of Nelly Ternan and Charles Dickens
1990 Kit Wright Short Afternoons
1989 Alan Bennett Talking Heads
1988 Colin Thubron Behind the Wall: A Journey through China
1987 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1986 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1985 Inget pris ble utdelt
1984 Inget pris ble utdelt
1983 Jonathan Keates Allegro Postillions
1982 Timothy Mo Sour Sweet
1981 Douglas Dunn St. Kilda's Parliament
1980 Christopher Reid Arcadia
1979 Peter Rushforth Kindergarten
1978 David Cook Walter
1977 Bruce Chatwin In Patagonia
1976 Robert Nye Falstaff
1975 David Lodge Changing Places
1974 Oliver Sacks Awakenings
1973 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1972 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1971 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1970 Piers Paul Read Monk Dawson
1969 Geoffrey Hill King Log
1968 Michael Levey Early Renaissance
1967 Michael Frayn The Russian Interpreter
1966 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1965 William Trevor The Old Boys
1964 V.S. Naipaul Mr. Stone and the Knights Companion
1963 Alistair Horne The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916
1962 Robert Shaw The Sun Doctor
1961 Ted Hughes Lupercal
1960 Alan Sillitoe The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
1959 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1958 Dom Moraes A Beginning
1945-57 Ingen pris ble utdelt
1944 Martyn Skinner Letters to Malaya
1943 Sidney Keyes The Cruel Solstice and The Iron Laurel
1942 John Llewellyn Rhys England is My Village
1941 Graham Greene The Power and the Glory Makten og æren
1940 James Pope-Hennessy London Fabric
1939 Christopher Hassall Penthesperon
1938 David Jones In Parenthesis
1937 Ruth Pitter A Trophy of Arms
1936 Evelyn Waugh Saint Edmund Campion: Priest and Martyr
1935 Robert Graves I, Claudius Jeg, Claudius
1934 James Hilton Lost Horizon Tapte horisonter
1933 Vita Sackville-West Collected Poems
1932 Charles Morgan The Fountain
1931 Kate O'Brien Without My Cloak
1930 Geoffrey Dennis The End of the World
1929 Lord David Cecil The Stricken Deer: or The Life of Cowper
1928 Siegfried Sassoon Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man
1927 Henry Williamson Tarka the Otter
1926 Vita Sackville-West The Land
1925 Seán O'Casey Juno and the Paycock
1924 Ralph Hale Mottram The Spanish Farm
1923 David Garnett Lady into Fox
1922 Edmund Blunden The Shepherd
1921 Romer Wilson The Death of Society
1920 John Freeman Poems New and Old
1919 Edward Shanks The Queen of China