Anna Louise Strong

Anna Louise Strong (født 1885 i Friend i Nebraska i USA, død 1970 i Beijing i Folkerepublikken Kina) var en amerikansk kommunistvennlig journalist som ble kjent for sine reportasjer fra Sovjetunionen og Kina.

Anna Louise Strong
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Født24. nov. 1885[1][2]Rediger på Wikidata
Friend[3]Rediger på Wikidata
Død29. mars 1970[1][4][2]Rediger på Wikidata (84 år)
BeijingRediger på Wikidata
Beskjeftigelse Skribent[5][6], journalist[3], aktivist[6], fagforeningsperson, fredsaktivistRediger på Wikidata
Utdannet ved Bryn Mawr College, Oberlin College[3], University of Chicago[3], Oak Park and River Forest High SchoolRediger på Wikidata
Ektefelle Joel Shubin (19311942)[6]Rediger på Wikidata
Nasjonalitet USARediger på Wikidata
Gravlagt Babaoshan revolusjonære gravlund[6]Rediger på Wikidata
Medlem av Washington Alpine ClubRediger på Wikidata

Hun begynte sine reiser i kommunistiske land i 1921, da hun dro til Sovjetunionen. Senere i 1920-årene reiste hun til de kommunistiske områdene i Kina, og ble kjent med Song Qingling og Zhou Enlai, og senere Mao Zedong.


  • The First Time in History
  • "The Stalin Era"
  • Soviets Conquer Wheat
  • I Change Worlds: The Remaking of an American
  • The Chinese Conquer China
  • Man's New Crusade
  • People's of the USSR
  • Inside North Korea: An Eye-witness report
  • When Serfs Stood up in Tibet: A Report
  • I saw the New Poland
  • The Thought of Mao Tse-Tung
  • Was Lenin a Great Man?: What Was the Secret of His Influence Felt to the Ends of the Earth?
  • Dictatorship and Democracy in the Soviet Union (International pamphlets)'
  • China's New Crisis (Key Books)
  • Children Pioneers
  • I Change Worlds
  • Dawn Comes Up Like Thunder Out of China: An Intimate Account of the Liberated Areas in China
  • This Soviet World
  • Is the Soviet Union turning from world brotherhood to imperialism?
  • Red star in Samarkand
  • New lives for old in today's Russia: What has happened to the common folk of the Soviet Republic
  • The psychology of prayer
  • Inside Liberated Poland
  • The New Lithuania
  • Cash and violence in Laos and Vietnam
  • The Russians are People
  • Lithuania's New Way
  • Wild River
  • The Rise of the People's Communes
  • The rise of the Chinese people's communes
  • The Song of the City
  • One-Fifth of Mankind
  • From Stalingrad to Kuzbas: Sketches of the socialist construction in the USSR
  • China's Millions
  • Worker's Life in Soviet Russia
  • Marriage and Morals in Soviet Russia
  • How Business is carried on in Soviet Russia
  • How the Communists rule Russia
  • Pioneer: The Children's Colony on the Volga
  • Spain in Arms, 1937
  • China Fights for Freedom
  • Some background on United States in Vietnam and Laos: Excerpts from Letter from China
  • The Rise of the Chinese People's communes: And Six years After
  • Letters From China
  • The Soviet Union and World Peace
  • Child-welfare exhibits: Types and preparation
  • On the eve of Home Rule: Snapshots of Ireland in the momentous summer of 1914
  • The Kuomintang-communist crisis in China: A first-hand account of one of the most critical periods in Far Eastern history
  • The new soviet constitution: A study in socialist democracy
  • Tomorrow's China
  • Tibetan Interviews
  • Modern Farming--Soviet Style
  • The Hungarian Tragedy


  • Tracy B. Strong, Helene Keyssar: Right in Her Soul: The Life of Anna Louise Strong, New York: Random House, 1983


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