Sykling under Sommer-OL 1896 – 100 kilometer menn

Sykling under
Sommer-OL 1896
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Fellesstart   menn
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Time trial menn
Sprint menn
10 km menn
100 km menn
12 hour menn

Sykling under Sommer-OL 1896 – 100 kilometer menn fant sted 8. april 1896 på Neo Phaliron Velodrome.


Nr. Utøver Tid
1   Léon Flameng (FRA) 3:08:19.2
2   Georgios Kolettis (GRE) Ukjent
  Bernhard Knubel (GER) Ga seg etter 41 km
  Theodor Leupold (GER) Ga seg etter 37 km
  Edward Battel (GBR) Ga seg etter 17 km
  Aristidis Konstantinidis (GRE) Ga seg etter 16 km
  Joseph Rosemeyer (GER) DNF
  Adolf Schmal (AUT) DNF
  Joseph Welzenbacher (GER) DNF
  Georgios Aspiotis (GRE) DNF

Ten cyclists started the race, but only two finished it. During the race Georgios Kolettis's bike broke down Léon Flameng stopped and waited for Georgio's bike to be repaired before continuing to race. The winner, Léon Flameng, had fallen midway through the race but continued on to win the gold medal. Georgios Kolettis of Greece had completed 289 laps at that point, and finished fairly soon after Flameng. While competing Léon Flameng raced with the French flag wrapped about his leg.


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