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Arthur de Capell Brooke

Arthur de Capell Brooke
Født22. juni 1791[1]
Død6. desember 1858[1] (67 år)
Beskjeftigelse Forfatter
Nasjonalitet Det forente kongerike Storbritannia og Irland, Kongeriket Storbritannia (–1801)
Medlem av Royal Society
Utmerkelser Fellow of the Royal Society, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Debut'Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark... (1823)

Arthur de Capell Brooke (22. oktober 1791 - 6. desember 1858) var en engelsk baronett og reisende forfatter, også i Norge. Han ble medlem av Royal Society (1823) og var med på etableringen av oppdagerklubben «Raleigh Club» i 1827.

Bemerkninger om NorgeRediger

I Norge reiste han i 1820 langs norskekysten og bemerket følgende om de observerte sjømonstre:

  • «Off Otersoen.... It was of considerable length, and longer than it appeared, as it lay in large coils above the water to the height of many feet. Its head was shaped like that of a serpent; but he could not tell whether it had teeth or not. He said it emitted a very strong odour and that the boatmen were afraid to approach near it.»
  • «At Alstahoeg I found the Bishop of the Nordlands (another clergyman!) who was an eye-witness to the appearance of two in the Bay of Sorsund, on the Drontheim Fjord.... They were swimming in large folds, part of which were seen above the water, and the length of the largest he judged to be about one hundred feet. They were of a darkish grey colour, the heads hardly discernible, from their being almost under water.»

Hans informanter i dette var amtmannen i Finnmark, videre sogneprest Marcus Fredrik Steen i Karlsøy, sognepresten Peter Vogelius Deinboll i Vadsø (18161824); og «the bishop of Nordland» Mathias Bonsak Krogh. Senere, i 1823 var han reisende mellom Alta og Torneå, og avdekket at de residente der drakk kaffe.


Han skrev og tegnet i flere utgivelser vedrørende hans erfaringer:

  • Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark to the North Cape, in the Summer of 1820, (1823)
  • Winter Sketches in Lapland (1826) -- «Illustrations of a Journey from Alten on the Shores of the Polar Sea in 60o 55" North Lat. through Norwegian, Russian, and Swedish Lapland to Torneå at the Extremity of the Gulf of Bothnia. Intended to Exhibit a Complete View of the Mode of Travelling with Rein-Deer, the most Striking Incidents that Occured during the Journey, and the General Character of the Winter Scenery of Lapland.»
  • A Winter in the North Cape, John Murray, London (1827) -- «with various Observations relating to Finmark and its Inhabitants; made during a Residence at Hammerfest, near the North Cape»
  • Sketches in Spain and Morocco, London (1831)


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